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TylerDavidsonFountain_300x379Did you know our Tyler-Davidson Fountain (pictured left) has direct ties to the official statue of the original Oktoberfest Munich?

That's right: sculptor Ferdinand von Miller created the Bayern (Bavaria) statue, the "Patrona Bavaria" of Munich's Oktoberfest, which was dedicated on Oct. 9, 1850. His son, Ferdinand von Miller, Jr., created the "Genius of Water" Cincinnati. Both statues were cast same German foundry.

According to historical records, the senior Miller was commissioned by King Ludwig I to create the Bayern statue, which was dedicated at Theresienwiese, where the original Oktoberfest is held. A monument to Bavarian patriotism, she stands 60 feet tall and is made of 70 tons of bronze, and like the Tyler-Davidson Fountain, she is a perfect meeting place if one gets lost or separated in the Oktoberfest crowds.

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